Everglades PSA Action Gallery
Email us your favorite action photograph

Welcome to the Everglades Action Gallery. All members are invited to email their favorite action photo for display. Images should be 1000px along the long edge and at a resolution of 72ppi. A thumbnail of your image will be displayed on this page as a link to the full size image with a title and comment section. For comments your viewers will want to know where and how you took the photo. Any special post processing techniques are also of interest. The more your tell us the more your viewer can appreciate the image. 

Your images with titles and comments should be emailed to Soboca@aol.com
Tim Roethele, Everglades Webmaster

Click a thumbnail below to see the full size image and comments

by Barbara Miller FPSA PPSA EFIAP

"Bottoms Up"
by Tim Roethele

"Battle in the Sky"
by Michael Rosenbaum PPSA

"A Romp in the Field"
By Carol-Ann Rogus FPSA

"Bike Races in Brian Piccolo Park"
By Bob Feinberg

"Bull Elk Joust"
by Lance Warley

"Surfer at Deerfield"
by Albert Seidenstucker

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