Everglades PSA Creative Gallery
Email your image to Soboca@aol.com

Welcome to the Everglades Creative Gallery. All members are invited to email us an image that displays their favorite "creative" photo for display. In the pre-digital days it was double exposures, unusual camera angles, exotic darkroom techniques and a thousand other ways to enhance, distort or otherwise alter reality on an image. Over the years photographs have been displayed in many unusual ways and places for maximum effect. Now we have the screen before you, an open canvas. The subject matter is open. Only the image size is restricted for easy and quick viewing. Your image should have a title.
Images should be 1000px along the long edge and at a resolution of 72ppi. A thumbnail of your image will be displayed on this page as a link to the full size image with a comment section below it. The comment section is optional. The image can speak for itself or you can enlighten your curious viewers with details about your photo and your vision, your special camera and lighting arrangements and, of course, your post processing techniques. Enjoy.

"Hot Car"
by Charles Day

"Boca Beach Ocean Rescue"
by Tim Roethele

"Sky in the Eye"
by Michael Rosenbaum PPSA

"Blue Dahlia"
by Sarah Strubbles

"Black Crown, Red Eye"
by Lance Warley

"The Moon in His Hands"
by Carol-Ann Rogus FPSA

by Bob Feinberg

"Storm Warning"
by Albert Seidenstucker

"Red Telebox"
by Barbara E Miller FPSA PPSA EFIAP

"Confetti Rose"
by Marie Altenburg

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