"Blue Dahlia"
By Sarah Strubbles

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    This creation was submitted to the summer competition at the Boynton Beach Camera Club. We submitted according to the color assigned to our level. Obviously, my color was blue, hence the BLUE DAHLIA was born.
I opened a new document (1024x650) in Photoshop CS4. With the color picker, I chose a blue color. I then went to Filter/Distort/Lens Correction/Vignette in order to lighten the corners.
    On a new layer,  I placed the swirl that I had previously made out of a white flower. I made that swirl using Filter/Distort/Twirl. Using Image/Adjustments/Hue & Saturation, I played around with the sliders until I liked the color of the swirl. Maybe I should call the swirl a twirl, as it was the twirl filter that twirled the flower, creating the swirl? Twirl?

On another layer, I added the blue dahlia. The original dahlia was isolated from its busy background using the Quick Selection tool. Once again, using Filter/Adjustments/Hue & Saturation, I colored the dahlia.
    I then flattened the layers, saved as a new document, and put a white stroke around the finished picture. I like strokes (or frames) as I feel they hold the picture together. I flattened to a new document, as I wanted to preserve the layers in the original composition.
Please keep in mind that the subject was BLUE, so I made my creation BLUE!

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