Ed Dvorak Gallery
"Ladies Boxing Bout Begins"
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"For distant work one might use a 300mm f2.8 lens or greater and use a 1.5X and a 2.0X tele-extender for added reach.  This allows the shooter to get in close and to shoot distant sports such as Sports Cars, Motorcycle Road Racing, and other sports such as Polo, Windsurfing, and Jet skis.  The 1.5X tele-extender makes a 300mm lens a 450mm lens.  A 300mm lens with the 2.0X extender becomes equivalent to a 600mm lens.  With a digital camera body (1.5X magnification factor) the 300mm f2.8 lens becomes a 450mm f2.8 lens even without the tele-extender.  Therefore the digital camera body and tele-extenders given the Sports Photographer with a single 300mm lens the following lens combinations: a 450mm, 675mm and 900mm lenses.  Digital has given the Sports Photographer a real boost in telephoto-magnifications.  The downside of using the tele-extender is the loss of light.  The 1.5X reduces light by one stop and the 2.0X reduces light by two stops.  But all is not lost with a digital camera body, since one can increase the ISO settings and therefore adjust for loss of light from the tele-extender and still maintain excellent images."