Ed Dvorak Gallery
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"It goes without saying, to get good quality sharp images you'll need to use a tripod or a monopod.  Both are excellent but a tripod is recommended for very heavy lens; and it provides better stability.  When sitting in stadium seats or bleachers use a monopod.  In bleachers shorten the pod and place it between your knees for added support.  You'll be able to sit and pan across the field and obtain excellent images.  A tripod is too cumbersome in bleachers.  Best to use a hand held light meter at all sports events.  Not only do you need to verify the camera's light meter readings but as athletes change positions on the field and as the sun's position changes you need to be sure of getting the best exposures.  Try shooting both manual exposure and auto exposure and confirm results in the LCD screen.  If the light remains constant you can confidently shoot on manual and experiment with changes in exposures.  However, if the light changes or the action moves into different lighting then rely on the camera's auto exposure settings, plus or minus a compensation factor.  If you're looking to obtain some detail in the face, on a backlit or partially backlit subject, you'll need to open up the exposure a stop and a half or two."