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"Skater in Air"
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"Digital SLR Camera's may seem complicated for some.  With a film-based camera body one did not have control over white balance, digital sharpness, contract, color saturation, nor file size and type.  Digital has made it complicated but at the same time has provided us greater control over the initial and final image.  Shoot high-quality jpeg images for all your action sports photography.  A large 6.3Mb jpeg uncompressed file offers very good high quality image as seen in the accompanying images.  RAW does not offer but a small increase in color depth and reduces the number of images captured on the compact flash card.  It also slows down the capture speed and thus the shutter speed.  RAW also requires file conversion.  Leave the saturation, contrast and sharpness controls at factory default or neutral.  These are better controlled after-the-fact, in PhotoShop or other image processing software, where one has the time and perspective to carefully adjust and modify the original images.  White Balance is perhaps a mystery to most of us; leave it on Auto WB when shooting outdoor sports.  However, when shooting indoor sports, in an Arena, you may encounter mixed lighting and therefore you'll need to learn to adjust the White Balance setting.  Most cameras has pre-set WB settings that are usually very good but a manual setting using a Grey Card may still be required."