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"Skater Dropping In"
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"Workflow is a new concept in digital sports photography.  Digital workflow is related to time management.  After shooting hundreds of images the Sports Photographer is left with a huge task to eliminate the unusable images, categorize images, and to locate files and to work on the best images.  This can take many hours and even days if you shot hundreds of images at the event.  PhotoShop Browser® is one way to review these images but is cumbersome and slow.  Try using Corel PaintShop Pro® that offers features not found in PhotoShop.  Adobe's new Lightroom is very good.  Camera Bit Photo Mechanic® is the software most used by Sports Photographers since it is able to efficiently manage huge volumes of images.  The first step is to download the day's images to the computer hard drive and catalog same.  Eliminate all totally out of focus and unusable images.  Set up sub-directories for categories of images.  Before deleting images from the flash card, burn a copy of the images on a CD.  This provides a back up of the important images for that day.  Work from the images stored on the computer hard drive.  Don't forget your old film slides shot prior to the digital invasion.  A film scanner can be very important.  Film scanners can provide huge 31Mb or greater images.  You'll find new life in those images once scanned into the computer."