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"Ladies Volleyball Player"
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"Various techniques add to the enjoyment and maximization of Sports Photography.  There is the age-old panning, wide apertures for subject isolation, close-up wide-angle for group shoots, motor-driven sequencing, and now with digital there is extreme close-ups, sharpening, monochrome (B&W) and even panorama's.  Try to locate yourself in a spot on the field to concentrate and obtain one or another of these techniques so that when you arrive home you'll have different types of images to peruse.  Panning takes the most practice but delivers great images showing power and speed.  Set the aperture wide open and you'll get an isolated image of the subject with a blown-out background.  These techniques are very good if the subject is tack sharp.  Action Sports Photography requires lots of patients and practice.  Group shoots and close-ups can be great if carefully planned and framed."