Barbara E. Miller, FPSA, PPSA  Gallery

Managing a travel agency in Ann Arbor, MI gave me the opportunity to travel the world.  Since it was before I became interested in photography, I now regret all the PT shots I could have taken. However, on my first trip to Africa, just before retiring, I discovered the joy of "making" one's own picture. From there it was a short step to join PSA and try to learn more about photography.
Being in charge of the PSA Electronic Imaging Division Study groups takes up a great deal of my volunteer hours, but I find time to serve on the board of directors of Boynton Beach Camera Club. I also maintain the club's website and direct, with the help of Michael Rosenbaum, the club's digital competition. Monthly I teach computer skills to Senior Citizens.
My favourite pastime is entering the PSA approved international PSA exhibitions. I have earned stars in all the divisions of PSA and have enjoyed the reward of many medals.

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"Table for Two"

"Stephanie Tripled"

"My Funny Valentine"

"Mormon Temple"

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