Carol-Ann Rogus, FPSA Gallery

Carol-Ann Rogus, FPSA developed a passion for photography when she first joined a camera club in 1992 and PSA the following year.  She has been very active in the Society, having chaired the Cosmopolitan Chapter, written, edited, produced, and mailed its newsletter, and worked as its Program Chair between 1996 and 2005.  She was the first Region Director for New York/New Jersey, then went on to serve on the PSA Board of Directors for six years as the PR VP.  She created the Cosmopolitan Chapter Photo Travel Exhibition and chaired the PSA PT Slide and Print Exhibitions in 2006 and 2007.  She now chairs the PSA Nominating Committee.

Carol  has garnered a number of awards from the Society, including two Service Medals, The Elmore Chatham Award for the best article in the PSA Journal during 2001, the Lorimor Award for leadership, and was named the first RD of the Year.  Moving to Florida in June 2005, she immediately became active in the Coral Springs Camera Club, where she just stepped down as Secretary, and the Everglades Chapter, where she just was elected ViceChair, also taking on Program and Chapters Showcase chairmanships.  She has earned stars in CPID, PTD, and PJD, is widely respected as a camera club evaluator, and has presented her showcase and tutorial slide shows at clubs and major conference venues throughout the country since 1997.

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"Portland Head"

"Miami Skywalk"

"Desert Scene"

"Delicate Pink Rose"

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