Elyse Brunt Gallery

     Elyse Brunt starting taking photographs when she was a teenager but never took her hobby seriously until the digital age. A few years ago she went to Alaska with her camera and came back, looked at her pictures, and said, "I can't believe I took that picture!" This was the beginning of her commitment to her passion.
     Elyse is currently the secretary of the Everglades
Chapter, coordinates our Youth Showcase, and is a
member of both the Coral Springs and Pines West Camera
Club. And when she is not out shooting pics, she teaches middle school students Language arts and trains adults as a Master Digital Educator in the use of computer applications related to all areas of education and multimedia fun. You can enjoy more of her pictures  at: http://ebeb15.multiply.com

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"Beads of Sweat"



"Temple of Sinewa"

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