Michael Rosenbaum, PPSA

Michael Rosenbaum has come to photography from a desire to document some of the amazing nature he has encountered after a largely urban existence up North; much of his enjoyment in shooting is just being outdoors where nature reigns.  After several years of using digital point and shoots with mixed results, he purchased his first digital SLR and zoom lens in April 2006.  Initially, he was interested in capturing birds in flight.  However, as he has begun to enter more PSA international salons, he is becoming more interested in recording bird behavior. Michael has earned numerous stars in several PSA divisions--Nature, CPID, EID, and Small Print.

"Here in South Florida there are many wonderful nature photographers, and it has  been my privilege to meet and learn from a few of them over the past year.  It is my hope that the Chapter will be able to afford its members increased opportunities to get out in the field to make the most of the plentiful natural resources of South Florida."

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"Elephants in Dust"


"Snowy Egret - Breeding Plumage"

"Fish Eagle with Fish"

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